About Us

Business Portfolio

Each business under the PPG portfolio has been deliberately selected for their ability to support their customers, lead their industry, and provide a high-quality product. It is clear that these levers have been met by the PPG business portfolio as each entity has surpassed its twenty-five-year anniversary.

Whether we are supporting a launch to outer space, manufacturing a component for the latest fighter jet, or developing a new prosthetic we have a solution for your product.

CNC lathe precision turning metal


When PPG reviews its current and future services, it is done with the strategic mindset that these capabilities strengthen our position within the supply chain. Whether the product is required to be manufactured from a casting, forging, or raw material we have a tremendous amount of experience in each. Our diverse experience and capabilities provide us with what we refer to as the PPG advantage.


Strategically located across the United States, PPG’s portfolio of businesses is well positioned to support their customers. With locations on both the east and west coast, PPG can manage program placement to provide the most efficient and cost-effective option.

  • Mentor, Ohio
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Valencia, California
commercial airplane grounded during sunset

Strategic Outlook

Princeton Precision Group (PPG) is a leading supplier of precision machining solutions across the Aerospace, Outer Space, Industrial Gas Turbine, Medical, and Electronic industries. Located in three states, six facilities and comprised from four independent companies.

At Princeton Precision Group, our emphasis has been to ensure we are always advancing as an organization. As such, PPG is constantly looking to invest in our businesses with the objective to add value for our customers. These values include a multitude of areas such as product quality, program delivery, new capabilities, and locations. With our portfolio of businesses and focus in these areas, we strongly believe we offer a total supply chain solution.

Our strategy persists, to grow both organically and through acquisition. Both of which offer a clear path to value creation and sustainment. Over the last three years the PPG portfolio has invested millions in innovative technologies and capabilities to support our customer needs. This trend will continue with multiple projects currently underway.

Our pledge remains, Always Advancing!